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Ridiculously gorgeous website design!

Cheryl-ann Taylor Made in England is one of the most divine websites I have ever come across. Think of vintage romance, blush floral blooms and the warming colours at dawn. A photo of a bride with the haze of sunlight across her face, surrounded by nature and adorned with the most beautiful whimsical creations for her special day. Imagine this, and you might be half way to picturing the little piece of heaven that Cheryl-ann takes you on with her stunning handmade pieces. Here’s a few images to whet your appetite…

Cheryl-annImages courtesy of Cheryl-ann Taylor Made in England 

All adornments are handcrafted unique designs. If you’re looking for something special for your wedding then there’s a whole range of beautiful accessories to choose from such as pretty corsages, clips, cuffs and hairbands. The Cheryl-ann Taylor Made Facebook page is always full of new and bespoke designs, made with love and no attention to detail spared for all you beautiful brides-to-be. And the gorgeous accessories don’t stop there! There’s also a stash of beautiful china ready to hire so you can create that romantic-vintage feel when dressing your venue. If you need any further info’ then you can contact this magical lady and let her work her whimsical vintage wonders at

For gorgeous new accessories and up to date news follow Cheryl-ann Taylor Made in England on Facebook, and check out her Instagram – jam packed with floral pretties.

Lots of handmade love

Michelle xxx

Fresh Flower Crown DIY


Well this week is set to be all about flowers on the blog. There’s been a cheeky little post on unusual flower containers and now there’s a floral DIY for you to get your teeth stuck into. Not to mention a fabulous supplier who specialises in gorgeous handmade blooms later on this week!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, a colourful DIY project, which doubles up as my photography homework. Every Tuesday night I attend a photography course, it’s nearing to a close and the final project is looming. I have been asked to take images of a journey, it doesn’t have to be an actual journey it can be a metaphorical journey. As long as there is a clear start and end point then that’s all that really matters. So here is my creative journey – making a fresh flower crown from A to B. I hope you like it! Feel free to give my homework a grade out of 10, all grades in the comment box below.


You will need; super-duper sharp scissors or some wire clippers, garden wire, florist tape and flowers of your choice. “Is that all?” I hear you scream. YES it’s incredibly easy! I bought garden wire for a mere 60p from the supermarket (Tesco to be precise). The florist tape was £2 from Hobbycraft and the flowers were discounted as I bought them in the evening when they were no longer so fresh. Obviously you might not want to chance this on your big day, but for the purpose of the tutorial it was a bargain. If you have a beautiful garden in full bloom then clip some of your own flowers, making this a very inexpensive and yet fancy look.

So what’s next?


Once you’ve figured out your lovely little head size, twist the wire around at the back, and then start twisting it back on itself to make a perfect crown. Don’t forget to leave a little extra room for the flower stems that will be added on. Create a loop that’s a little loose on your head at this point. Then begin covering the entire loop with your florist tape to secure any nasty sharp edges.


Now the real fun begins. I know you just can’t wait to start adding those flowers on! Here goes…


Add one flower at a time. Starting at the front / centre of the crown work backwards adding one flower behind the other. once one side is complete start from the front, working backwards again down the other side. The front centre flowers will be facing one another. Choose any colour combination you like. I kept trying mine on and looking in the mirror to see what would work best.



If you have left any gaps then you could fill them with tiny little flowers such as gypsophila. I would try to avoid saving this until the end though as it’s hard to work between the fresh flowers without damaging them. I think a good combination of heavy and delicate flowers throughout work well to break up the look.

And there you have it, your own beautiful fresh flower crown! If you make your flower crowns the night before your wedding and pop them in the fridge then they should still be fresh and perky in the morning. I think they would look lovely on bridesmaids, flowers girls and even the bride. But for now, you’ll have to cope with a few snaps of yours truly…


Lots of handmade love 

Michelle xxx

Unusual Containers for Wedding Flowers

Let boring floral displays become a thing of the past and consider decorating your wedding venue with flowers in these alternative containers.

It can be incredibly easy and cheap to create unusual wedding flower displays. Just think outside of the box with a little inspiration from this blog post.

You can easily make unusual containers from upcycled old junk. If you’re prepared to get your hands dirty by having a nosey down at the local skip (sounds glamorous – but you’d be surprised what you can find), or scouring second-hand stores, you can find all kinds of hidden treasure for your flower displays. Old bicycles look fantastic painted in bright or pastel tones and you can place your flowers in the baskets or wind them around the structure of the bike. Similarly, fill old broken or disused musical instruments with flowers to create an unusual and eye-catching piece at your venue. Prop open the top of an old piano and fill it with stunning blooms and foliage spilling over the edges and down to the floor. Fill the openings of old guitars or ukuleles with trailing flowers and hang or prop them up around your venue. These ideas would work great with a musical themed wedding.


Crowbot, CC BY-SA 2.0, Modified.

Old tin cans are another cheap and quirky looking option. When you’ve munched your way through several tins of baked beans, paint them in pretty pastel colours or cover them in pattered paper. Just make sure that any sharp edges are covered or filed down, you don’t want any disasters on your big day! You can also use pretty vintage tins which may have had previous lives as biscuit barrels, tea, or sweet containers. Let your imagination run wild.

Vintage Tin Cans Wedding

Images courtesy of Annabella Charles via Wedding Chicks

Milk bottles, test tubes, and jars make lovely and unusual plain glass containers. I LOVE the flower display below, captured by This is a very soft and romantic display but could easily be adapted for a wacky science theme, for all you boffins out there.


Image courtesy of White Rabbit Studios

Going vintage tea party stylee? This is still a popular choice and an easy one to create by displaying cuttings of fresh flowers in tea cups and teapots for a cute and romantic touch. This is something I am toying with doing in the kitchen / dining area of my new home – I’ll be sure to post up some pictures if I go down this route.


Unusual Floral Containers, Image by Handmade & Hitched.

Watering cans, jugs and  stylish looking buckets are great for an outdoorsy rustic affair. If your wellies and old walking boots haven’t seen daylight for the last five years, then now’s the time to let them shine. They haven’t seen much mud on the outside so fill them with mud on the inside and get planting! You can even put them on display in your garden after the event as a lovely reminder. Awwww.


Image via Enthused Monkey

The list is endless, once you get your creative juices flowing you will realise that there are so many things you can do that really cost next to nothing. I hope some of the ideas here have provided you with inspiration for your own wedding flowers. If you’ve created your own unusual floral displays at your wedding or made use of alternative types of containers then do get in touch and let me know. I love nothing more than hearing from real couples. Catch me for a natter on Twitter or Facebook or simply write me a comment in the box below, I will always reply.

Lots of handmade and creative love

Michelle xxx

This Weeks Handmade Wedding News

buttonsTo kick off the week, here’s the latest handmade news from some of my favourite wedding blogs around the web…

  One Fab Day – Check out this beautiful handcrafted wedding put together with the help of a very creative bridesmaid!

  Rock n Roll Bride – 33 Alternative Bouquet Ideas For Non-Traditional Brides. I’m head over heals for the vintage camera bouquet!

  Have a butchers at the handmade marketplace over on Emmaline Bride. There’s tons of handmade wedding goodies to choose from.

  The Knot are raving about this amazing watercolour DIY wedding website, full of illustrations put together by the bride and groom. It’s pretty spectacular, hop over to the full website here, you won’t regret it!

  Festival Brides – I absolutely LOVE this feather place setting DIY, put together by the fabulous Bespoke Bride.

Lots of handmade love

Michelle xxx

A Pistachio Wedding Affair

I can’t say I’ve noticed that many pistachio themed weddings. Maybe I’m just walking around with my eyes closed or I haven’t been to enough weddings but I do think it’s a fresh and unusual colour choice. Not quite the obvious, and gives off a cool and quirky summer vibe. For those of you who aren’t convinced, I’ve put together the perfect pistachio mood board…

Pistachio Themed WeddingImage credits, clockwise from top left; Pistachio green earrings by Joojoland on Etsy, Macaron cake by Anges de Sucre, Bow ties by Xoelle on Etsy, Pistachio pudding shots by Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, Pakerson italian handmade leather lace up shoes on Forzieri, Heart stickers by Kawaiigoodies on Etsy, Bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings, Personalised wedding card by Door 77 on Etsy, Pistachio themed table setting via Lisa Rice Photography, Teacup and saucer by Peter’s of Kensington, Engagement ring by Torkkeli Jewellery on Etsy, Dupioni dress via Loverly.

I have to say I absolutely LOVE the pistachio mens shoes. With all your groomsmen wearing them they would certainly add something a little bit different to your wedding photos. Ask your photographer to catch a fancy shot of their shoes while they’re stood in a row. These shoes can even be customised with names printed on the insoles, now that’s pretty groovy.

If you’re tempted by the pistachio pudding shots and fancy giving them a go then follow the link to the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen above for the recipe. They’d make a great summer pudding after a BBQ on a hot summers evening. There are tons of other weird and wonderful jelly recipes on there. Let me know if you try them out, just be careful you don’t slip and add too much vodka to the recipe!

The dress teamed up with the earrings would look super cute for your bridesmaids and would be one they wear time and time again rather than gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe. I’m actually thinking of getting this dress for a friend’s wedding in August. I’ll take some snaps and let you know what it’s like if I make a purchase. It’s also available full length if you don’t fancy flashing your legs or if you want to mix things up a with bridesmaids wearing slightly different styles.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s pistachio wedding theme. If you’re going for this colour drop me a comment in the box below, i’d love to hear your ideas.

Lots of pistachio wedding love

Michelle xxx

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