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Top 10 Quirky Valentine’s Day Cards

Calling all luurrrvers! It’s almost Valentines day. Oh my gawsh!! Time to get your super thoughtful head on and think of something a little bit different to really pull this one out the bag. There’s nothing worse than a naff card and flowers from the petrol station – seriously, you may as well not bother. If budgeting is the issue then get creative and make your own. In fact I’d encourage this over anything else, it’s the thought that counts. There’s a lotta love in handmade, especially when it’s made by YOU. But for those of you who are less creative and looking for something unique, quirky, not too slushy, not too mushy, and super cool, look no further. Here are my top  10 winning Valentine’s Day cards, in no particular order – because who say’s there are rules.

10906135_927279760640319_4561156669056585720_n“I love you like a pig loves not being bacon”. Now that’s a lotta love. I discovered Handmade by Swans this week and there are tons of fab n’ quirky cards to make that special someone smile on the 14th. Definitely worth a look!


If you have a fantastic bottom then I salute you, with this card by Veronica Dearly.

original_i-just-called-to-say-valentines-day-cardIt’s Sunday morning, you’re lying in your pit pretty sure that your legs shouldn’t be working at this time on the weekend. So you call through to the kitchen downstairs and demand a brew, and maybe push your luck with a bacon sarnie too. Sound familiar? This one’s for you. By Paper Gravy.


If I still love someone (or even if I’m remotely nice to them) when I’m really, really hungry then I know it must be serious. I kid you not, I’m a nightmare when hungry. This is by Doodle Love.


Plain and simple, I like your face. I found this one on the Urban Outfitters website.


An absolute beaut’. This can be personalised with the story of how you first met. Simply follow the link and type in your details. This is by This Paper Book.

il_570xN.709003864_5j66For all the knitters out there. You Rock My World card by Lindsey Oliver Art.




Cheesy and yet amazing, you can’t go wrong with the original lurve god, Lionel. By Crooked Kat.


I love all Hazel Bee’s cards, every time I go shopping in Liverpool I come home with a new card, they totally crack me up. Check out the range here.


Last but not least, one of my all time favourite phrases ‘bobby dazzler’. You really can’t go wrong with this one, ya little bobby dazzler! By Paper Gravy.

Happy February 14th, you fantastic bottomed bobby dazzlers!

Lots of Valentine’s Day love

Michelle x

Party Paraphernalia from Pea Green Boat


Based in North London, Pea Green Boat is an online party paraphernalia emporium stocking beautiful, original and stylish decorations, stationery, tableware and accessories for wondrous weddings and celebrations.


Have you heard of Pea Green Boat??? Well you sure are about to! I love all of their quirky, bespoke, and handmade pieces and think they fit perfectly with the ‘Handmade & Hitched’ theme going on over here! Being a super eco-friendly duo, they even use hot water heated by solar panels in their studio and used recycled packaging and products wherever they can! Amazing!!! So without further ado, here’s a little interview with the owners Tessa Wire and Zoe Moore (thanks for letting me have some of your precious time, you fabulous ladies!).

What inspired you to create Pea Green Boat?
Zoe: When Tessa got married, and I was Maid of Honour at my best friend’s wedding, we both felt there was a gap in the market – we found that although there was lots of inspiration online, if you loved the style but weren’t a designer or crafter, there weren’t any shops in the UK where you could buy the things in the pictures.


What do you love the most about working in the world of weddings?
Tessa: People who are thinking about organising their wedding are usually at a very happy time in their lives, it’s great fun and a privilege sharing the excitement.  We also like to think about how to do things in a different way, more contemporary or simple… there’s never a dull moment.


What is your favourite product and why?
Tessa: The Two Loons ceramic cake toppers hand made by artist Megan Bogonovich – I had them on my own wedding cake and now they’re a lovely keepsake on the mantlepiece.

Zoe: Mine would be the handmade circle garlands made in Nepal because they are so versatile and cheap, I particularly like mixing the metallic garlands with teal and white.

Coming from creative backgrounds (interior design and film production), what would be your top tips for the DIY bride?
Zoe: Be bold and brave and don’t stick to just one or two colours – use at least five or six or seven complimentary colours and mix it up.  Also, ask for help making things – great for hen night activities. And make it personal – a wonky cake made by your aunt will mean a lot more than a perfect one made by a stranger.


Do you have any special offers on that readers should know about?
10% off for Handmade & Hitched readers by following this link.


Find all kinds of quirky fun decor to style your big day here!

All images courtesy of Pea Green Boat.

Michelle xxx

‘Off the Wall’ Decals for Your Wedding


Fancy being able to make a statement by putting your own personal mark on ANYTHING you want AND not be labelled as a graffitist? Well now you can, with this unique idea by Kate and Bethan of ‘Off the Wall‘. Declare your love for each other by adding sweet personal messages to your venue, accessories, and so much more. How about placing a favourite quote on the dance floor to stop guests in their tracks? Design your own special monogram (I found a great guide to monogram etiquette here) and have fun attaching this to the backs of chairs, ice buckets and glass vases – basically anything you can think of.


Here’s Kate, one of the directors from Off the Wall to tell you a little bit more…

We’re a small company, based in rural Wiltshire and have been in business for just over a year. We design and make personalised floor decals, complemented by mini decals that can be used on centrepieces, postboxes, mirrors, favour jars – in fact anything with a smooth surface. Almost half our business so far has been focussed on bespoke designs that couples either send us to tie in with their theme or stationery, or where couples give us an outline of what they would like and we come up with design options for them. Our couples even suggest uses of our decals themselves! The decals are designed to be temporary, for the duration of the event and can be easily removed, without any sticky residue.


The idea for the business came from my business partner, Bethan, who had seen floor decals on US websites, but couldn’t find anywhere in the UK that made them.  With my willingness to give the business and finance side of the company a go and Bethan’s creative flair, we decided to have a go at introducing these decals, with coordinating mini decals, into the UK market.  Decals have been used in the UK for wall décor for a number of years, but we decided we liked the idea of taking them ‘Off the Wall’, hence the name of the company.

We have a number of designs from Classic to Contemporary, Vintage to Rustic, which can all be found at  The Inspire Me page gives ideas on how they can be used.

_MG_1063-low jar-thanks2 20130710_003-low 20130710_034-low IMG_0023-low 20130726_011-low _MG_1085-low IMG_0030-low IMG_0130-low

What a fabulous idea! I’m tempted to start personalising all my items at home. Ooooh I’d be like royalty with my initials everywhere!

Lots of one-of-a-kind love

Michelle xxx

All images by Deborah Husk

Vintage Blooms by Cheryl-ann Taylor Made in England



Ridiculously gorgeous website design!

Cheryl-ann Taylor Made in England is one of the most divine websites I have ever come across. Think of vintage romance, blush floral blooms and the warming colours at dawn. A photo of a bride with the haze of sunlight across her face, surrounded by nature and adorned with the most beautiful whimsical creations for her special day. Imagine this, and you might be half way to picturing the little piece of heaven that Cheryl-ann takes you on with her stunning handmade pieces. Here’s a few images to whet your appetite…

Cheryl-annImages courtesy of Cheryl-ann Taylor Made in England 

All adornments are handcrafted unique designs. If you’re looking for something special for your wedding then there’s a whole range of beautiful accessories to choose from such as pretty corsages, clips, cuffs and hairbands. The Cheryl-ann Taylor Made Facebook page is always full of new and bespoke designs, made with love and no attention to detail spared for all you beautiful brides-to-be. And the gorgeous accessories don’t stop there! There’s also a stash of beautiful china ready to hire so you can create that romantic-vintage feel when dressing your venue. If you need any further info’ then you can contact this magical lady and let her work her whimsical vintage wonders at

For gorgeous new accessories and up to date news follow Cheryl-ann Taylor Made in England on Facebook, and check out her Instagram – jam packed with floral pretties.

Lots of handmade love

Michelle xxx

Robots Going Rogue on Your Wedding Day


If you’re an out-of-towner visiting me while the sun is shining, chances are I’m going to cart you off to Sefton Park in Liverpool for a picnic – whether you like it or not. I’ve been living here for 4 years and can’t believe I have only just discovered this beautiful piece of parkland around a stunning (and rather humongous) lake. The weekend just gone by was spent with the family watching tiny ducklings hilariously racing each other along the footpaths, some very proud mummy and daddy swans – to a group of grey fluffballs, and a very efficient grebe couple building a floating nest. I find this the perfect place to chill out on a hot summers day. Here are a few snaps to show just how lovely it is.
Sefton Park, Liverpool

There are always events taking place at Sefton Park, a couple of months ago we had the circus in town, and there was a big funfair recently over the school holidays. What I like best are the gorgeous craft fairs with interesting and unusual finds. Having a little jolly around the park a couple of weeks ago I came across some very original and quirky characters that I have been meaning to share with you – the incredible Gizmobots!


First of all I met Bang Tidy, who I learnt had been a barmaid since her creation in 1957 at a pub called the Frog and Underpants. She informed me that she enjoys wearing a splash of WD40 and entertaining her other half Bernard on their sheepskin rug while wearing leopard skin underwear. Following this slight overshare I felt it best to move on and mingle with the rest of the gang. I came across Budgie Boxer who likes to box budgies in Bermondsey, Brighton and Bickleswade. He told me that he loves a good disco, where he shows off his flashing lights to girly ‘bots. He went on to divulge a little too much information about his shady past stealing the chocolate bits out of hobnobs. Blimey! Being overwhelmed with all this colourful information (and giggling my head off) I decided to have a chat with Mark to find out where the idea for these little ‘bot creatures came from.


As a child Mark enjoyed making robots and spaceships out of cogs and other materials that his Dad had lying around from his job as a clock repairer. Taking this hobby into adulthood Mark has created a whole range of Gizmobots – robots made from charity shop finds, car boot sales and scrap yards. Besides their quirky little personalities and looks, I was blown away to learn that some of the Gizmobots are actually functional and work as iPod docks, desk lights and even radios!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.45.18

As you can probably tell from the Gizmobot’s personal stories Mark has a wicked sense of humour. He told me that he uses an app’ on his phone to make house guests think the robots are talking or having flatulence problems! Watch out for the robots with a dodgy past if he ever invites your round for tea!


I was thrilled to learn that Mark has been working on some Gizmobots for a wedding in a couple of months time. Once the wedding has taken place I can show you some pictures of this couple in action. Here’s a sneak preview for now (before and after a boob job! Ouch)…


If you want to find out more about Gizmobots and maybe have a couple of them cause havoc at your wedding day then hop over to

Lots of handmade robotic love

Michelle xxx