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New Years (Photography) Resolutions


New years resolutions – ARGH! I know a lot of people who will hit their head against the wall when they hear those words. I’m usually pretty good at keeping mine, the trick is not to overwhelm yourself with a huuuuge list and then feel burnt out by the end of January, we’re all guilty of it. If you’re someone who struggles with keeping resolutions maybe just make one simple one and see how you go, you can always increase your list later in the year, or maybe do it month by month? I have a few goals for this year but I’m starting by spending more time on my photography skills. Oh, and blogging, it goes without saying *hangs head in shame*. But lets focus on photography to start with, the other goals can follow.

In a bid to work on my snap happy skills I’ve signed up for Emma Davies’ ‘Photography for Blogs‘ classes, and what’s even better is it’s absolutely FREE! You simply sign up with your email address and every week Emma sends you a challenge to help you improve your skills – awesome! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve made a start on Instagram, working on Emmas’ 30 Day Photo Challenge with the hashtag #make30photos. I’m 2 days in and aiming to make one photo a day for the whole 30 days! You don’t need to do 30 consecutive days either, which is a bonus for those with lazyitis, or simply more important tasks, ahem. There’s also a #1day12pics challenge where you take a photo every hour and post it on Instagram throughout the day. I’ve decided to swerve this one at the moment as I’m not sure an hourly snapshot of my day would be all that exciting. Here I am buying a tin of beans in Tesco, here I am eating crisps and watching telly while picking my nose. You get the gist. I’ll stick to one photo a day, being a novice I need some time for my little brain to acquire inspiration.

So here’s my photo journey so far. Two photos! It’s pretty epic!

With a few filters added in, this went from this to this…

bauble edit

Here's my first #remarkable2015 #pattern #onecolour @emmadaviesphoto

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Before and after editing.

Day 2 of #remarkable2015 #blackandwhite #selfportrait @emmadaviesphoto

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I’m aiming to do as many as I can on my iPhone. I’m not a great believer in getting good photos from a phone so it’s more of a challenge for myself. Hopefully I’ll be surprised!

Emma shares lot’s of fab tips for composition etc on her website, making it a great free resource for budding photographers and bloggers alike. Go and have a nosy by following this link.

Oh, and if you like my top, because it’s super cool and I flippin’ love it! It’s from 304# Clothing. They’ve even used my pic for their instagram – I’m feeling super cool now!


A Personal Reflection on Blogging

Crosby Beach - Handmade & Hitched

I’m on annual leave from the 9-5 job today and having a good ol’ spring clean of the blog (I do have to be careful I don’t miss the ‘L’ off ‘blog’ sometimes – imagine that). I had plans to have a day of pampering, but as I rarely get to spend a full day on Handmade and Hitched I’m actually having a ball. I’ve finally been able to check off all those little things on my blogging to-do list and it’s so refreshing to be able to give it my entire focus for the day.

So many exciting things have been happening with Handmade and Hitched recently, and I never imaged when I started my blog last September that it would take me on such an amazing journey. I remember reading other blogs and wondering how on earth people actually made ‘real life’ contacts and friends just through cyberspace alone – surely that wasn’t possible! I know now that blogging can open up a huge window of opportunity, not just in a business sense, but in a social sense too. Every single day I’m amazed by the talented and creative businesses out there. I’m totally blown away by the original (and sometimes veering on slightly strange – I won’t lie) ideas that I see.

Crosby Beach 2 Handmade & Hitched

You might be surprised to hear that Handmade and Hitched was never intended to be a wedding blog. The original idea was to create a handmade wedding boutique and the blog was merely set up to generate some interest before launching. I didn’t realise the potential in blogging, but as soon as I started writing I quickly caught the bug and the blog has now taken on a life of its own. I still have that little idea in my head, but for now I’m concentrating my efforts on sharing unique and quirky wedding inspiration. If Handmade and Hitched sparks off just a few ideas to make your wedding that little bit more special, then I’ve done my job.

Crosby Beach 3 Handmade & Hitched

I still see Handmade and Hitched as being relatively new and I’m learning about blogging all the time. Looking back through my old posts it’s amazing how much the style has changed. Not just in terms of content, but in a visual sense too. Back in September I wasn’t aware that making your images fit to the same size as your text was so much more visually appealing. And I don’t think I was as aware of the importance of image quality either. Right now I’m doing a photography course so I can work on this, and I hope you can start to see the improvements.

Writing style is a big one that I want to keep working on and continually improving. I’m not a writer by background, although I am a perfectionist, which means the thought of making grammatical errors brings me out in a cold sweat. I actually found this a barrier to starting a blog in the first place. There are so many beautifully written and immaculate blogs out there that I was scared to dip my toe in the water. Would I be hung drawn and quartered by the blogging community for not knowing the difference between ‘there, they’re and their’? Fortunately I do know the difference, but you get my point. Even though I’m not the world’s best writer I’m incredibly passionate about weddings and handmade and I hope that shines through on the blog. In fact I was far too passionate to keep it all inside, which is why it’s spilling all over the pages of my little corner of the Internet.

I hope you’ll continue to stay with me on this journey and keep me updated with all of your wonderful DIY wedding plans. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing my blog has inspired couples while planning one of the most special days of their lives.

Crosby Beach 5 Handmade & Hitched

Lots of handmade love

Michelle xxx

The images above were taken at Crosby Beach in Liverpool and feature Antony Gormley’s sculptures titled ‘Another Place’. There are 100 cast-iron, life-size figures across the beach, that stretch almost a kilometre out to sea. It’s a magical place to visit at sunset as the figures slowly appear one by one. 

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This Weeks Handmade Wedding News

buttonsTo kick off the week, here’s the latest handmade news from some of my favourite wedding blogs around the web…

  One Fab Day – Check out this beautiful handcrafted wedding put together with the help of a very creative bridesmaid!

  Rock n Roll Bride – 33 Alternative Bouquet Ideas For Non-Traditional Brides. I’m head over heals for the vintage camera bouquet!

  Have a butchers at the handmade marketplace over on Emmaline Bride. There’s tons of handmade wedding goodies to choose from.

  The Knot are raving about this amazing watercolour DIY wedding website, full of illustrations put together by the bride and groom. It’s pretty spectacular, hop over to the full website here, you won’t regret it!

  Festival Brides – I absolutely LOVE this feather place setting DIY, put together by the fabulous Bespoke Bride.

Lots of handmade love

Michelle xxx

Oh. My. Gosh!


When you’re having problems moving house.

Oh my gosh, I’m back online! Please bear with me while my t’internet is incredibly slooow! I had the line fitted on Monday and apparently it can take up to 10 days for everything to be as it should. I’ve had an unwanted break from blogging due to moving (again… I’m a serial house mover), and it’s fair to say that this move has had it’s complications; gas leaks, bug infestations (I don’t even want to talk about it), the works. Topped off with the inability to blog, lets just say I’ve not been a happy camper recently (although my living standards have been comparable!). So having not been blown up in a gas explosion and surviving the bugs and beasts, here I am. Man, I’m soooo happy to be writing this!

I have several posts about creative and quirky little businesses coming your way and some real life ‘handmade’ weddings, so stay tuned.

(a very relieved, and pleased to be back in the blogosphere) Michelle xxx

The Latest DIY Wedding Tips from Around the Web…

Happy Saturday you lovely handmade wedding people!

I’m living in a shared house at the moment so it’s a bit difficult to crack on with my DIY’s for the blog. I can’t exactly be spreading paper and glue all over the kitchen table when my housemates are trying to have their dinner or do a bit of peaceful reading. Don’t fret though, that’s all set to change soon as I’m house hunting with the chap and an office / blogging area is a strict part of the criteria. So while I’m struggling to bring you my own fantabulous (is that a real word?) DIY’s, I’ll bring you some of the latest and greatest from around the web…

 In the easiest peasiest DIY project ever The Knot show you 12 amazing ways to use rubber stamps for your wedding. Dress up invites, coasters, napkins, candy bags and more!

Something Turquoise show you how to make your bottles super glam’ with glitter wine stoppers. Shhhh… no one will know they cost pennies to make.

Tidewater and Tulle show you how to sail away with some very cool nautical sailboat favours. I found this wave-smashing tutorial via Emmaline Bride.

Bespoke-Bride show you how to make polka dot pom-pom balloons… with tassels on! ooh, I say!

In a seasonal appropriate tutorial Green Wedding Shoes show you how to make a painted pastel egg centrepiece in their fun DIY by Knot and Pop. Perfect for an Easter wedding!

Enjoy – and don’t forget to share your handiwork, I’d love to see what you’ve made. Lots of DIY love.

Michelle xxx

P.S. I have indeed just found ‘fantabulous’ in the dictionary!