Lego Loving: Lego Themed Wedding

6d1f5e715cfd6ceecef7f1833a0b0852Calling all Lego geeks! Why is Lego so flipping fantastic, and perfectly acceptable to still play with as an adult? Ahem… *moves lego bricks away*. Lego has certainly stood the test of time and those little yellow men seem to be springing up all over the show, there’s no escape! Are they taking over the world?

I recently watched a video put together by Sugru showing how little Lego hands are a perfect fit for tidying cables away, not just a pretty yellow face hey! Anyway, as Handmade and Hitched was whirring around in my head this got me wondering if anyone had tried out a Lego themed wedding. Yep, you betcha, there’s a lot of Lego loving in the world. Here are some images taken from real weddings to inspire Lego heads everywhere… Oh and here’s the Sugru video, just because I think this is super cool…

SarahTim-Wedding-Aqua-Dining-Milsons-Point-Luna-Park-Lego-00021 SarahTim-Wedding-Aqua-Dining-Milsons-Point-Luna-Park-Lego-00004 SarahTim-Wedding-Aqua-Dining-Milsons-Point-Luna-Park-Lego-00000 SarahTim-Wedding-Aqua-Dining-Milsons-Point-Luna-Park-Lego-00000a SarahTim-Wedding-Aqua-Dining-Milsons-Point-Luna-Park-Lego-00053 SarahTim-Wedding-Aqua-Dining-Milsons-Point-Luna-Park-Lego-00052 SarahTim-Wedding-Aqua-Dining-Milsons-Point-Luna-Park-Lego-00060
b40eb8dc6555ae2762f6bccd60ac5e56First image (top of the page) and bottom two images courtesy of Ian Photography. All other images courtesy of Gemma Clarke Photography.

If you’re wondering where to start looking then Etsy is full of amazing Lego accessories – search for lego earrings, cufflinks, favours and more.

Lego did have their own Minifigure Wedding Favour Set. Sadly this is now a retired product but you can still pick it up around the web by searching on sites such as Amazon and ebay. If you want to go one better and have bespoke minifigures made to look just like the two of you then try I haven’t used this website personally so I can’t guaranty the quality of the products, but it’s definitely worth checking out for yourselves.



Lots of Lego Wedding Love


P.S. If you’ve had your own Lego themed wedding or you’re planning one then I’d love to hear about it. Drop me a comment in the box below.

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