Top 10 Quirky Valentine’s Day Cards

Calling all luurrrvers! It’s almost Valentines day. Oh my gawsh!! Time to get your super thoughtful head on and think of something a little bit different to really pull this one out the bag. There’s nothing worse than a naff card and flowers from the petrol station – seriously, you may as well not bother. If budgeting is the issue then get creative and make your own. In fact I’d encourage this over anything else, it’s the thought that counts. There’s a lotta love in handmade, especially when it’s made by YOU. But for those of you who are less creative and looking for something unique, quirky, not too slushy, not too mushy, and super cool, look no further. Here are my top  10 winning Valentine’s Day cards, in no particular order – because who say’s there are rules.

10906135_927279760640319_4561156669056585720_n“I love you like a pig loves not being bacon”. Now that’s a lotta love. I discovered Handmade by Swans this week and there are tons of fab n’ quirky cards to make that special someone smile on the 14th. Definitely worth a look!


If you have a fantastic bottom then I salute you, with this card by Veronica Dearly.

original_i-just-called-to-say-valentines-day-cardIt’s Sunday morning, you’re lying in your pit pretty sure that your legs shouldn’t be working at this time on the weekend. So you call through to the kitchen downstairs and demand a brew, and maybe push your luck with a bacon sarnie too. Sound familiar? This one’s for you. By Paper Gravy.


If I still love someone (or even if I’m remotely nice to them) when I’m really, really hungry then I know it must be serious. I kid you not, I’m a nightmare when hungry. This is by Doodle Love.


Plain and simple, I like your face. I found this one on the Urban Outfitters website.


An absolute beaut’. This can be personalised with the story of how you first met. Simply follow the link and type in your details. This is by This Paper Book.

il_570xN.709003864_5j66For all the knitters out there. You Rock My World card by Lindsey Oliver Art.




Cheesy and yet amazing, you can’t go wrong with the original lurve god, Lionel. By Crooked Kat.


I love all Hazel Bee’s cards, every time I go shopping in Liverpool I come home with a new card, they totally crack me up. Check out the range here.


Last but not least, one of my all time favourite phrases ‘bobby dazzler’. You really can’t go wrong with this one, ya little bobby dazzler! By Paper Gravy.

Happy February 14th, you fantastic bottomed bobby dazzlers!

Lots of Valentine’s Day love

Michelle x

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