New Years (Photography) Resolutions


New years resolutions – ARGH! I know a lot of people who will hit their head against the wall when they hear those words. I’m usually pretty good at keeping mine, the trick is not to overwhelm yourself with a huuuuge list and then feel burnt out by the end of January, we’re all guilty of it. If you’re someone who struggles with keeping resolutions maybe just make one simple one and see how you go, you can always increase your list later in the year, or maybe do it month by month? I have a few goals for this year but I’m starting by spending more time on my photography skills. Oh, and blogging, it goes without saying *hangs head in shame*. But lets focus on photography to start with, the other goals can follow.

In a bid to work on my snap happy skills I’ve signed up for Emma Davies’ ‘Photography for Blogs‘ classes, and what’s even better is it’s absolutely FREE! You simply sign up with your email address and every week Emma sends you a challenge to help you improve your skills – awesome! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve made a start on Instagram, working on Emmas’ 30 Day Photo Challenge with the hashtag #make30photos. I’m 2 days in and aiming to make one photo a day for the whole 30 days! You don’t need to do 30 consecutive days either, which is a bonus for those with lazyitis, or simply more important tasks, ahem. There’s also a #1day12pics challenge where you take a photo every hour and post it on Instagram throughout the day. I’ve decided to swerve this one at the moment as I’m not sure an hourly snapshot of my day would be all that exciting. Here I am buying a tin of beans in Tesco, here I am eating crisps and watching telly while picking my nose. You get the gist. I’ll stick to one photo a day, being a novice I need some time for my little brain to acquire inspiration.

So here’s my photo journey so far. Two photos! It’s pretty epic!

With a few filters added in, this went from this to this…

bauble edit

Here's my first #remarkable2015 #pattern #onecolour @emmadaviesphoto

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Before and after editing.

Day 2 of #remarkable2015 #blackandwhite #selfportrait @emmadaviesphoto

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I’m aiming to do as many as I can on my iPhone. I’m not a great believer in getting good photos from a phone so it’s more of a challenge for myself. Hopefully I’ll be surprised!

Emma shares lot’s of fab tips for composition etc on her website, making it a great free resource for budding photographers and bloggers alike. Go and have a nosy by following this link.

Oh, and if you like my top, because it’s super cool and I flippin’ love it! It’s from 304# Clothing. They’ve even used my pic for their instagram – I’m feeling super cool now!


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