Robots Going Rogue on Your Wedding Day


If you’re an out-of-towner visiting me while the sun is shining, chances are I’m going to cart you off to Sefton Park in Liverpool for a picnic – whether you like it or not. I’ve been living here for 4 years and can’t believe I have only just discovered this beautiful piece of parkland around a stunning (and rather humongous) lake. The weekend just gone by was spent with the family watching tiny ducklings hilariously racing each other along the footpaths, some very proud mummy and daddy swans – to a group of grey fluffballs, and a very efficient grebe couple building a floating nest. I find this the perfect place to chill out on a hot summers day. Here are a few snaps to show just how lovely it is.
Sefton Park, Liverpool

There are always events taking place at Sefton Park, a couple of months ago we had the circus in town, and there was a big funfair recently over the school holidays. What I like best are the gorgeous craft fairs with interesting and unusual finds. Having a little jolly around the park a couple of weeks ago I came across some very original and quirky characters that I have been meaning to share with you – the incredible Gizmobots!


First of all I met Bang Tidy, who I learnt had been a barmaid since her creation in 1957 at a pub called the Frog and Underpants. She informed me that she enjoys wearing a splash of WD40 and entertaining her other half Bernard on their sheepskin rug while wearing leopard skin underwear. Following this slight overshare I felt it best to move on and mingle with the rest of the gang. I came across Budgie Boxer who likes to box budgies in Bermondsey, Brighton and Bickleswade. He told me that he loves a good disco, where he shows off his flashing lights to girly ‘bots. He went on to divulge a little too much information about his shady past stealing the chocolate bits out of hobnobs. Blimey! Being overwhelmed with all this colourful information (and giggling my head off) I decided to have a chat with Mark to find out where the idea for these little ‘bot creatures came from.


As a child Mark enjoyed making robots and spaceships out of cogs and other materials that his Dad had lying around from his job as a clock repairer. Taking this hobby into adulthood Mark has created a whole range of Gizmobots – robots made from charity shop finds, car boot sales and scrap yards. Besides their quirky little personalities and looks, I was blown away to learn that some of the Gizmobots are actually functional and work as iPod docks, desk lights and even radios!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.45.18

As you can probably tell from the Gizmobot’s personal stories Mark has a wicked sense of humour. He told me that he uses an app’ on his phone to make house guests think the robots are talking or having flatulence problems! Watch out for the robots with a dodgy past if he ever invites your round for tea!


I was thrilled to learn that Mark has been working on some Gizmobots for a wedding in a couple of months time. Once the wedding has taken place I can show you some pictures of this couple in action. Here’s a sneak preview for now (before and after a boob job! Ouch)…


If you want to find out more about Gizmobots and maybe have a couple of them cause havoc at your wedding day then hop over to

Lots of handmade robotic love

Michelle xxx

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